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About Us


Dear valued customers,

We are Sunflowerly, a brand owned by SZMARKETING PTE. LTD. Our company is located at 3 Coleman Street, #03-24, Peninsula Shopping Complex, Singapore 179804.

The Spark:

In 2022, while struggling to find the perfect gifts for friends, Alex conceived a unique inspiration. He dreamed of an online store, a one-stop destination for all things gifting, where both receiver and giver find happiness: one in the perfect gift, the other in the process of making one. The seed of our mission, our very essence, was sown with a simple yet powerful idea – "Spreading Happiness". We specializes in unique and meaningful gifts, enriched with our diverse personalization options — all crafted to ensure you create sentimental moment.

Crafting Happiness, Your Way:

At Sunflowerly, you could find a wide range of products suitable for all occassions and interests. From birthday of a teacher, wedding of a close friend or father's day with a fisherman, we got you covered. Not only that, our could really enjoy the process of making the most unique gift in the world with our variaty levels of personalization. You can create your own figure, upload images or choose your own cheesy message, and many more fun and creative ways to craft one-of-a-kind gift. With all this, we really hope that our customers will feel happy when it comes to Sunflowerly.

Giving Back:

We believe that happiness is for everyone, and we constantly seek the chances to spread the joy and happiness to the world. We've made many social charity event to support people who are in needed, to bring smiles to people faces and to express the true nature of Sunflowerly, which is happiness. Every sale made on Sunflowerly contribute to the total donation amount we made. Although we know that this number is minor but we are striving our best to improve and to give back more to the world.

Our core values:

  1. Creativity with Purpose: We really believe personalized gifts are awesome because they let you express care in a unique way. Our aim is to make your gifts extra special by adding a personal touch. This way, each gift becomes a heartfelt and thoughtful way to connect with others and create lasting memories.
  2. Community Engagement: We believe in the power of community. Our brand actively participates in charitable events and community initiatives to give back and make a positive difference in the lives of others.
  3. Inclusivity and Diversity: Our brand values diversity and inclusivity. We offer a diverse range of products that cater to a wide array of personal attributes, ensuring that everyone can find a personalized gift that resonates with them.
  4. Happiness Shared: Our main mission is to make people happy. We know that giving and receiving personalized gifts can bring immense joy into people's lives. That's why we channel all our efforts into crafting the most beautiful and unique gifts, aiming to make every gifting experience truly memorable. While we're also committed to social responsibility through charity events, our primary focus remains on creating exceptional gifts that bring happiness to people worldwide.

Thank you for choosing Sunflowerly as your preferred destination for personalized gifts. We look forward to serving you and helping you create unforgettable memories.


Phone: +1(707) 414-8978
Contact Support: support@sunflowerly.com



Our company website: szmarketing.co
Address:3 Coleman Street, #03-24, Peninsula Shopping Complex, Singapore 179804
UEN: 202007013H